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  Commercial Lease Application

A separate application is needed for each applicant or joint applicant for a new commercial Lease Agreement. To avoid delays please give full details. The completion of this application and the acceptance by Lessor creates no obligation of Lessor to approve the application. A clear copy of your ID MUST be included.


Date of Application *
PRIVATE details
Gender * Marital Status *
First Name(s) *
  Surname *
  Home Address *
  Telephone Home * Telephone Work
  Telephone Cell E-mail Address *
  ID Type * Country *
  Number *

COMPANY details
Company Name Trading Name
Registered Address Chamber of Commerce
  Nature of Business * Position held

BANK details
Bank Name Account Number
Prospective Tenants Proposal (rent, term, target commencement date)

We may also be interested in your business plan if you are a start up company. Any information towards your experience, background, etc. will be helpful in fully evaluating your interest.

Tenant must take out their own business and contents insurance.
Keys of the Leased Premises will be handed over to tenant provided that
1. Lease Agreement is signed.
2. Three months Guarantee Deposit and first months' rent is paid in full.
3. Valid Standing Order is submitted.
4. Aqualectra/GEBE is put in Lessee's name and deposit is paid.
By sending this Application, I warrant, to the best of my knowledge, all of the information privided in this Application is true, accurate, complete and correct as of the date of this Application. If any information provided by me is determined to be false, such false statement will be grounds for disapproval of my Application.

For your convenience we have posted an example of our Lease Agreement. This is the standard text which we use for all our Lease Agreements.
In some cases the actual Lease Agreement may be somewhat different on minor points depending on the specific situation and property.
Lease Agreements for Sint Maarten are always quoted in United States Dollars, those for Curaçao always in Netherlands Antilles Guilders.
Lease Agreement Example

Although we prefer you to use the Electronic Lease Application Form which is located in the black bar, you can use the downloadable version if you wish to print and fax it to us.
Printable Lease Application Form